Self Service

What do I need?

Open and staffed 7 days a week, we're here to help with change, using the machine and anything else you need. You can also pay by card for any machines you use.

Can I just leave it for you to do?

Of course! Check out our Service Wash page for more information on what we have to offer. 

Machines & Product Prices


8kg machine £5
17kg machine £9

Laundry Products

Powder(Bio/Non-Bio/Eco £1
Fabric Softener 60p
Stain Remover 50p
Dryer Sheets 30p / 50p for 2
Colour Catcher 50p


Large Dryers
12.5 minutes £1
2.5 minutes 20p

Extra Large Dryer
10 minutes £1
2 Minutes 20p


Use of our services amounts to acceptance of our terms of service.