Collection and Delivery Prices

We work by weight, which means you never have to guess what we think a small, medium or large load is! As a guide, the average washing machine at home is just over 5Kg. So a full load would cost £11 (5Kg @ £2.20/kilo). Turnaround for small/medium loads is normally 2 days, larger (20Kg+) loads will typically take longer. We do have an express service, available at higher per kilo rate. Using our services means you accept our Ts & Cs.

Please note
 we don't generally collect/deliver to outer Bristol, our routes will cover addresses in BS1 to BS16. Feel free to contact us directly if you live outside those areas to see if we can make a specific arrangement. 

Free Delivery & Collection for orders over £15*

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Turaround is usually 2 days, but may be longer for large loads, weekend collection only available by arrangement.
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* Up to 3 miles each way. Free delivery/collection is limited to customers in a private residence, not B&B, hotels etc. Offered as incentive to those looking to become regular users, we reserve the right to refuse free delivery / collection.

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